Sunday Links 8/6/2011

It's Frothy, But Is It Gluten-Free?

Good Sunday Morning!  Some quick links today and then it’s time to bake.  On the list today: cut-outs, banana cream pie and a savory chicken pasta that is yet to be determined. Busy day.

I could spend all day talking about Monsanto and the deadly chemicals they provide to farmers that poison our food, and us.  But, instead of ranting I’ve linked a letter to the Administrator of the Department of Agriculture which urges him to stop the use and costly experiment of their “drought resistant corn” study.  It’s expensive and it’s just another long line of Monsanto products that hinders organic growing.  I can’t do it justice, so read the letter and sign the petition.  In fact, look up Monsanto and see their history and how the chemicals they use are truly hurting all of us and the implications it has long-term.

By now, you know my love and need of coffee.  Below is a quick read on 7 coffee myths, including freezing coffee and using filtered water.

I found a new gluten-free cornbread recipe, courtesy of Art of Gluten-Free Baking.  I’m going to make some cajun catfish this week and wanted to try a new corn bread.  I will let you know how it goes.  Recipe below:

Finally today is a link to the Gluten-Free Beer Association.  Their goal is to promote all things concerning gluten-free beer.  Check it out.  We need more good tasting gluten-free”hoppy goldness”!

Have a great Sunday and look for some posts this week of recipes and dishes.

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